The world is getting a smaller place, we can buy anything (almost) from the internet and we no longer send letters by post opting to send an instantaneous text message or even face time a loved one.  It’s all getting rather benign!

In the (small) world of stamps and philately there are devoted stalwarts actively bringing this wonderful hobby to the masses with major shows, small regional shows, society fairs, club packets, dealers with offices, specialists and more all working to bring you the best product and information.

It’s important that collectors visit a large fair.  It empowers you to see other collectors’ wonderful collections on display each trying to win a medal.

You also get a good idea on pricing.  How do you know that your regular supplier is selling at a competitive price without comparing the market?  Many stamps (and I mean items cat up to £1000) are generally not that difficult to source.  Shop around.  When pricing material of a better quality we compare dealers lists and Ebay to come to a realistic estimate.  You will always pay more for interesting or unusual items but this will make your collection instantly appealing.

Become a member of your local society where you will see displays, view catalogues sent to the secretary from auction houses and dealers, talk to fellow collectors,  find out who and more importantly who not to deal with!

The world is getting smaller but you really need to get out there to see the bigger picture.

Philangles is endeavouring to attend more national and international shows to meet the collecting public.  We want to know what people collect and to provide an opinion and give advice to all.  We also provide free valuations on anything philatelic.  During the next few months we can be found at Swinpex St Joseph’s Catholic college  9th June,  Stafford Show at the Show ground on the 15th & 16th June, then onto Prague for Prague 2018 for 15th – 18th August and of course we have Autumn Stampex in London in September.   We hope that you can all attend some or all of these shows to meet and chat with us.


All the best

Simon Carson