Please take time to read and understand these terms as they are binding:

1) All bidforms and bid entries must be received by 12 noon on the sale date shown.

2) Telephone bid entries may be made. Written confirmation must follow from new customers.

3) Fax bid entries will be accepted, please write clearly, illegible bidforms will not be entered and PHILANGLES LTD will not be held responsible for errors through unclear bid entries. The client will settle any account arising from such misread bid entries. All care is taken to ensure this does not occur.

4) All bid entries below 85% of the lower estimate will not be entered (some lots may have reserves above this).

5) PHILANGLES LTD reserve the right to withdraw any lot up to and including the auction date.

6) A buyers premium of 18% will be added to your total purchases.

7) Despatch is charged at cost only (this includes insurance)

a) Inland standard recorded -–£7.50

b) Inland Courier parcel – £20.00 (or at cost)

c) Overseas recorded/registered – At cost

d) Overseas parcel – At cost

This shall be itemised separately on your purchase invoice.

8) All unpaid invoices must be settled within 7 days of receipt of goods or invoice. Clients not adhering to this will not be eligible to return goods.

9) All payments and bid entries must be in £ sterling currency only. Payment is accepted in the form of a cheque, credit card, debit card and bank transfer, details available upon request.

10) PHILANGLES LTD operate a return of goods scheme. Customers genuinely not satisfied with any lot purchased may return them provided;

i) A genuine reason is given,

ii) Clause 8 has been complied with.

iii) It is returned within 3 days of receipt.

iv) It is returned in the condition it was received.

v) Overseas customers must mark on VAT No. 570 7398 15 on the outside of the package.

If all conditions are met we will promptly refund;

i) The cost of each lot returned.

ii) Postage charged for despatch.

iii) Return postage to our offices.

iv) 18% Buyers Premium.

11) PHILANGLES LTD is a independent Company, Simon J. Carson is the managing director. Registered with PTS (London) and ASDA (New York), Limited Company Number 6510160.


a) Enter on the bid form each lot of interest with the maximum price you are prepared to pay. Lots shall be secured as low a price as reserves and other bids allow.

b) In the case of equal bids the first received takes precedence. (Each bidform is dated on arrival)

c) Bidding steps as follows:

£5 upto £100 estimate

£10 upto £500 estimate

£50 upto £1000 estimate

£1000 and above at auctioneers discretion.

Bids not conforming to these steps shall be taken at the auctioneers discretion.

d) Estimates are the indicated price, which are, in our opinion a fair reflection on the current market value. To buy successfully the upper limit of our spread estimate would have a higher chance of success.

e) Descriptions are as accurate as possible. Each lot is sold as genuine unless decided by an approved certificate board or as stated in the description.

f) Viewing facilities are available by appointment at our offices. Email scans are available free of charge. We do not offer a postal viewing service.

g) All lots are dispatched by Royal Mail tracked delivery service, proof of sending by PHILANGLES LTD to the advised address shall constitute delivery.

h) Clients requiring expertisation of single stamps/covers must state as such at the time of bidding. Costs are borne by the client if the item is certified genuine, PHILANGLES LTD will reimburse costs if the item is certified otherwise.

i) Lots may not be purchased prior to the sale.

j) Placement of bids shall indicate acceptance of all the above stated terns and conditions.