Welcome to our latest sale 402 September 2021.

Despite the warm weather that has hit the UK recently we have been busy sourcing quality material from across the UK with recent trips to clients in Cheshire & Hampshire of particular note.

It’s been disappointing that several significant shows have been cancelled or rearranged. This hobby needs shows for collectors to circulate material.

The latest sale features:

FRANCE – A substantial offering of WWII Liberation overprints offered by sets including many scarce issues.

SPECIMEN overprints of the British Empire offered as country lots with good high values

CANCELLATIONS of the British Empire. Incredible illustrations with substantial Jamaica & Ceylon including many blocks.

GREAT BRITAIN with KGVI cylinder blocks offered by value.

KGVI EMPIRE with intact collections and very good Bahawalpur issues.

This is a quick overview.

Enjoy this wonderful hobby & hope to see you at an exhibition soon.


Simon Carson and the Team at Philangles