Welcome to Sale 391

This is one of the best sales that we have complied this year. It is packed with unusual material including a collection “fresh to market” that had been assembled over a 44 year period of collecting.

This hobby is a marathon and not a sprint, take your time carefully selecting material, always try to buy fine quality and don’t worry about the costs because after you see what you have assembled you won’t regret it and you will be proud of your achievements.

This sale features:

GREAT BRITAIN  QUEEN VICTORIA – A substantial collection including Penny Blacks used on covers, surface printed with collectable mint singles, fine used, scarce inverted watermark varieties and a fine offering of departmental official overprints.

LUNDY ISLAND – The early years with scarce overprint issues inc APPEAL, airmails with varieties and valuable studies.  

AUSTRALIA errors including spectacular missing colours, 1937 2d NSW “man with tail”, offset errors and more all listed in SG or BW catalogues.

NYASALAND with high values having choice cancellations, unusual 1963 unofficial postage overprints on the revenue issue all postal used.

ASCENSION ISLAND with outstanding group of 1922 GB used on the Island all superb used on small pieces with full cancels.

This is just a snapshot of what’s on offer, keep collecting!

All the best

Simon Carson and the Philangles team.