Christmas on stamps and religious themes are very popular subjects.  It’s interesting to note that Great Britain didn’t issue its first Christmas stamp until 1966.  It was novel in the fact that both stamps were designed by school children, a format that we have followed numerous times over the years.

Most sets depict religious subjects though recently we have also accommodated non religious designs (including pantomime dames and reindeers).  There are many good stamp errors to be found on British Christmas stamps, partly due to the increased volumes and the need to get them to post offices quicker.  There are many good colours and misperforated errors.

Worldwide Christmas stamps offer the collector so much diversity from global cultures.  Australia issues some fun designs, as we know its summer “down under” at Christmas time.  One of my favourite stamps depicts Santa on the beach! Latin America counties issue may religious designs.  Like many subjects or topics in our wonderful hobby you can open up a Pandora’s Box of interesting stamps and covers.

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 Look out for mail sent to father Christmas at the north pole (mail is often handled by the Finnish post office) or covers handled by the British post office that have generic letters sent back to British school children.  The breadth of collective possibilities is endless.

At this time may i thank you on behalf of all the team at Philangles for your continuing support throughout 2017 and we look forward to providing you with more interesting stamps, postal history and collections in 2018 and the future.

Have a wonderful holiday season and get your stamps out!



Simon Carson