Thoughout the year we see many collections from specialised studies to quite frankly, utter junk!

Whilst we always say collect whatever takes your fancy, theres nothing finer to see other than a specialised collection built up over a lifetime of collecting.

Some of my favourites are usually collections that go against the norm.  One of the best assemblies we saw and handled was a lifetime hoard of world postmarks on pre 1940 stamps.  This client just picked out often ordinary stamps with the most incredible postmarks from Rhodesian mining town CDS postmarks to Norwegian numeral target handstamps, he naturally had an eye for the interesting and unusual.

Yes, collect straight Great Britian stamps but make sure that they are the best quality. About twenty years ago I went to a Harmers of London sale and saw a most superb collection of surface printed QV issues. What made it superb?  Every single stamp was handpicked with the finest circular cancels.  I hasten to say that the collection went thought the roof.

Be disciplined and dont stray off the path of what your collect, as you become more specialised it becomes a challenging waiting game.

This is a brilliant hobby that can be a lifetimes companion.

Wishing you all the best


Simon Carson and the team at Philangles