Welcome to our latest sale. We have had several remarkably interesting large collections arrive at the office offered here for the first time after recent trips to Somerset & Derbyshire amongst material that was either sent to us or arrived by appointment at our offices. There are many interesting lots here for you to consider. Make sure you check out our latest sales whether it is at Philangles.co.uk or on the Easylive platform.

Remember that I am always on hand if you ever wish to speak to me regarding the sale of a collection.

This month’s highlights include:

THE MAGNIFICENT MINT COLLECTION OF BRITISH EMPIRE QV to KGV offered by countries housed on imperial printed leaves offering the collector top quality country collections or selections often featuring tricky and / or high values.

BRITISH POSTAL HISTORY from the 1600’s an incredible collection of British postal history (900+ different items) offered as suitable lots with a fine array of postal markings.

FALKLAND ISLANDS stamps with KGV high values and KGVI specialised shades.

GREAT BRITAIN QV postage stamps, further selections from this outstanding collection with choice line engraved including Penny Blacks & surface printed with mint singles.

We hope you enjoy this fine offering.

Wishing you all the best.

Simon Carson & The Philangles team.