Herewith, we present you with our latest sale full of interesting & selected material. This sale features part II of a massive collection that arrived in November plus many other interesting lots. We are finding that more collectors are contacting us directly as we offer fair & on the spot valuations for their collections & accumulations. If you have bits laying around or material that no longer fits in your collection clear it out!  We also carry out valuations & then assume the collection has been stored away only for that collector to contact us (upto a year later) telling us that our price offered outstripped other opinions.  We all want a fair & straight forward approach with our stamps & covers.

Back to sale 369 the highlights include:


Extensive Great Britain “Kings” with many Edward shades, printings & specialised studies. KGV with a fabulous lot of seashores and watermark varieties.

BIRD STAMPS OF THE WORLD – A massive collection (nothing removed) with exotic countries & their wonderful birds (see section)

STAMP BOOKLETS – A further selection of superb quality British booklets.

BRITISH EMPIRE – Quality postage stamps & collections with high values & very fine quality.

1935 SILVER JUBILEE omnibus collections including the Egypt seal.

And so much else.

See us at the Liverpool Show 1/2nd February located in the heart of the city (excellent rail links) this is a great show & certainly worth a visit as dealers attend from all over the country.

Let’s make 2019 a great year and focus on buying choice items for your collections. Don’t be too narrow in what you buy, open up to new areas or a new topic. It does concern me when I see many polarised collectors that end up buying hardly anything throughout the year. Find a new subject or country to refocus on.


Wishing you all the best and enjoy this wonderful hobby.

Simon Carson & the Philangles team.