I write these notes as we prepare to attend numerous shows throughout the UK and undertake some rather epic regional visits to see clients.  During November we plan to visit Cornwall, if you wish me to visit you please contact the office to arrange a home visit.

The art of stamp collecting is thriving, I’ve seen some monumental realisations at auctions recently.  I have also seen some mind boggling results for rare worldwide banknotes that quite frankly make stamps look like a poor relation!

I cannot stress how important it is to buy quality material and if you see something you need… just buy it!  You won’t regret your purchases when you reflect on your collections.

This month features some very interesting lots including:

UNITED STATES PRE CANCELS phenomenal lot of 1000’s different housed in five/six cartons that we decided to offer as one lot.

AUTOGRAPHED COVERS a vast offering from a local collector featuring many notable signatures and popular subjects.

FURTHER PORTIONS form the North Wales estate with intact collections of Great Britain noting penny lilacs, control collections and much else.

CHINA with classic Red Revenues.

FRANCE with classics, fine single stamps and collections.

Again, this is just a brief snapshot of what’s on offer.

In November we will also be at the Stafford Show and North Yorkshire.

If you need any help whatsoever please contact us.

All the very best,

Simon Carson and the Philangles team