Welcome to yet another packed auction of worldwide material.  We have secured some marvellous items from our travels throughout the UK.

Highlights include.

CHINA a most remarkable collection of pre 1930’s postage stamps collected by a British teacher whilst working in Shanghai during 1920-30’s.  This lady eventually brought the collection back to Durham during the 1930’s.  They had laid untouched in the family home for over 80 years.  There are some fine mint stamps here including 1912.

NEUTRALITY overprints with Bean Goose high values and many other interesting stamps from this fascinating period.  Please see our website auction pages for extensive illustrations.  Please contact the office if you require any further information.

ICELAND a substantial and marvellous old-time collection unusually including cancellation studies, postal history with Zeppelin and comprehensive stamp collections featuring highly catalogued issues.

NEW ZEALAND a very good collection with QV classic Chalons including a beautiful 1d orange mint, specialised studies of Universals with perforation varieties, Adson advert stamps including several scarce multiples and much else.

If you have any enquires please contact the office.

We will be travelling throughout the UK during October/November with visits to London, Manchester, Worthing, Wrexham and Scotland already planned.

Wishing you all the best,

Simon Carson and the Philangles team.