New York 2016 World Stamp Show was a resounding success. It created an opportunity for us to meet many new collectors whom were just as keen to find philatelic treasures as collectors in the UK. I took some time out to view some of the wonderful collections on display, the depth of knowledge, work and study collectors can do is an absolute credit to the hobby.

My favourite display was MEXICO – THE EXPORTA ISSUE. The exhibitor managed to display and source original artwork of this most complex of issues and show a time line for the papers involved in printing. I think Mexico stamps are some of the most challenging stamps in the world, complicated and interesting.

Thank you to everyone that came to visit our stand.

This, our July 2016 sale is an excellent sale including items we acquired at New York.

Highlights for your attention include.

KGV BRITISH EMPIRE ISSUES BRILLIANT UNMOUNTED MINT as fresh as the day they were printed, offered by country throughout the sale.


IRELAND – PIONEER AIRMAILS superb lot of early flight covers flown to many unusual destinations during the 1920’s.


INDIA 1948 the iconic Ghandi set on a cover.


FALKLAND ISLANDS a very comprehensive selection including the 1933 Centenary set.


BRITISH EMPIRE with selected singles and intact collections (see St Helena etc).


This is just a brief overview.

We hope to see you at exhibitions throughout 2016. Firstly we will be at Stafford, York in July and Scotland in October.

Wishing you all the best and thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm.


Simon Carson and all at Philangles