Herewith is our latest offering of fine and interesting material.

Timing was perfect, we received many great lots in time to offer this sale.

Highlights include.

BRITISH EMPIRE fine used noting Bechuanaland overprints and British Honduras QV issues.

RUSSIA very extensive section with classics, key sets and intact collections.


IRELAND with Seahorse overprints and multiples.


BRITISH COMMONWEALTH QEII new issue service offered by country, see Bermuda, Zambia etc.


ITALY AND ITALIAN COLONIES with airmail high values, key stamps and collections offered at about 10% of catalogue value.


UNITED STATES a superb original collection with many key issues, 1847 5c + 10c, Columbus set to $5, scarce President stamps to $5, 1931 Zeppelin set fresh mint and more.


NETHERLANDS with many important sets and high values.

And so much else throughout the sale.

We hope you enjoy this sale. Thank you for your continual support.

See you at fairs and exhibitions throughout 2016.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Carson