Having recently returned from Finlandia 2017 I have come to the conclusion that these shows together with all their fanfare are disappointing events.

Don’t get me wrong, the organisers worked superbly to put on a quality show but I cant help but feel that they, collectors and dealers alike were all let down.

This show failed in several areas.

Wrong location. A pity because Tampere is a great city but again when these events are held away from cities that don’t ┬áhave international connections or at a capital city no one will travel.

Wrong building. The dealers were spread out and somewhat hidden away over three levels, a show should always be on one/two levels max but I understand that the organisers had sizeable support from the city so I can see why they went for Tampere.

Volume of visitors grossly over estimated. Reports for the Finland show was that 20000 people were anticipated. Just 2000 came through the doors. The standard passport for collectors to have stamps affixed, 1300 were printed with just 23 sold (source the Indian dealer who was selling these products)

The merry go round of back slapping exhibitors that go around these shows picking up gongs is just too costly to be supported by these events.

Radical change is needed.

New York 2016 had similar problems plus many others. The worst being the firm of teamsters running the event demanding stupid amounts of money for bringing material into the venue holding dealers products to ransom if you failed to pay.

The organisers being just regular people failed to see this.

These global events need to be put in the hands of professionals with consultation from collectors.

The best exhibition model is the Midpex show held every two years in England.

This show is the perfect mix, dealers next to societies next to exhibits next to cash machines next to rest areas and all on a level playing field.

Stampex is probably the best show featuring international participation. Held in London which is a jumping, vibrant and wealthy city that has brilliant access globally.

Lessons need to be learnt and acted on accordingly, I won’t hold my breath.