British-EmpireBritish Empire collecting will always be gilt edge especially pre 1970 and QEII would make a remarkable collection just on her own. The Empire offers some amazing challenges. QV with overprint issues and many rare individual stamps, Edward VII with some stellar high value stamps and say Ceylon & Strait settlements, KGVI being the most popular because of many beautiful designs and challenging Indian states & QEII would be a mammoth undertaking because of the huge number of issues. I would suggest either concentrate on your country of choice or pick one period in time. This way it wouldn’t be as daunting and would be much more enjoyable. Gone are the days of a collector spending sixty years filling an Imperial Empire album unless you have deep pockets. Yes I mention sixty years! This is how long you could collect just one subject, some of the best collections that I have seen have been crafted by carefully collecting and showing a dedicated discipline to one field. We sell stamps of every reign and invite you to inspect what we have in our current sale.