Instead of plugging gaps in printed albums or obtaining basic sets of stamps why not look at alternative assemblies.

The best collections that I see are generally away from the basic model.  Pages arranged with stamps supported with usage on covers, plate blocks, superb used, mint multiples etc are just so interesting. Yes we see and sell lots of straight up and down material but the real winners are the collectors that think out of the box when collecting.

Don’t mix mint and used stamps on the same page, don’t overcrowd album pages, keep notes and annotations to a minimum.  I read lots of things about stamps but invariably switch off if there are too many rambling notes.

You can create valuable collections for modest outlays.  Collect cancellations for the country or area that interests you, collect modern (post 1960) issues used on commercial mail, what a challenge!

I collect Australia 1963/75 proper usages on cover, some are so difficult to find, for example 1973 35c airmail rate to continental Europe using national development pictorial stamps or the 20c fruit stamp from this series on postcards to Asia!  So interesting and they cost buttons compared to (say) a straight up and down Great Britain 1867 £5 orange mint or used (which you can buy anywhere at any price).  We try to offer you lots of alternative material at estimates much more attractive than other sources or competitors.

This is a wonderful hobby that can take you anywhere.  Hope to see you at a fair in the UK or please contact us in any regards.

I have just finished these notes before shooting up to Perth in Scotland to attend the national stamp show.

Wishing you all the best


Simon Carson and the team at Philangles.