We were so excited to be attending this prestigious show at the heart of Sweden’s capital city where you would have found us at the exhibition hall with a stand meeting old and new clients, we were on hand to talk to collectors and to showcase our auction catalogue that’s run continuously every month for the previous 29 years!

Back to our sale where we have put together a handpicked group of lots to showcase in Sweden (nearly every single item can be viewed on our website!)


THE PENNY BLACK – THE WORLDS FIRST POSTAGE STAMP – A superb lot of 40+ quality single stamps plus other line engraved classics such as 1840 VR Penny Black mint, 1840 Two Pence blues superb used and a mint 1840 Two Pence which is rarely offered!

GREAT BRITAIN – Parcel post labels from around the country offered by region or town, this remarkable lot consists of over250 different labels (see special section in Great Britain)


KGV – Control stamps with a marvellous lot of penny controls


SEYCHELLES – Fine used with key complete sets all with postal cancels including surcharges and Zeppelins

CHINA – A fine lot of chiefly fresh mint including Japanese post office overprints issues and neutrality overprints

POSTAL HISTORY OF THE WORLD with interesting pre stamp postal history and fascinating contents from a British naval officer in China during the first opium war to a letter from a sweetheart in 1800’s Australia

This is a brief overview of some of the sections that feature this month.

Wishing you all the best and we hope to see you somewhere in the very near future.

Simon Carson & The team at Philangles